Shekhinah Home Of Hope

shoh-oneSHEKHINAH HOME OF HOPE (SHOH) is the charity arm of The DiVineyard Church Of His Presence, a non-profit making body of Christ founded on the LOVE principle of our lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, as He says in Mark 12 vs 31 “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF”. In this, SHOH realises that your neighbour could be your enemy or someone you do not share the same faith with. At SHOH we LOVE THEM ALL – Matthew 5 vs 43 – 48.

SHOH’s mission is to transform the world through the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. SHOH is a giving ministry which seeks to touch lives, both spiritually and physically..

As a key arm of The DiVineyard Church Of His Presence (DCOHP), whose main objective is the salvation of souls, SHOH seeks to establish the following:-


  • A church auditorium, for conducting Church services with a capacity of at least 30,000 people

  • Boarding/accommodation facilities, private and dormitory, for both local and international visitors

    “True love expresses itself in giving. A good farmer plants the best seed (John 3 vs 16). He who does not plant will never harvest.”

    – John Chibwe

  • An orphanage home for the orphaned and disadvantaged children

  • A drop-in and rehabilitation centre to look after the social and morale aspects of the needy and disadvantaged

  • A media and publicity house under the name ShekhinahGlory TV for broadcasting DCOHP and SHOH activities across the globe for the salvation of souls

  • An up-market Primary and Secondary Schools under SHOH for the orphans and the disadvantaged children