Works Of Love

The Elderly, Widows and WidowersJesus Christ is the chief husbandman to the widow and is the provider to the elderly. As we walk with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, as Shekhinah Home of Hope, we want to give hope to the hopeless, being a companion to the lonely, benefactor to the needy, a father to the fatherless and a husband to the widow.

The SHOH hopes to transform lives by disseminating the word of God and to make the Word the standard for life for many living souls. To this end, SHOH through DCOHP seeks to provide the following to the elderly, widows and widowers:-

  • Basic food, blankets and maize seed

  • Assistance in the provision of shelter

  • Skills impartation and self sustenance projects

  • Home visits of the elderly and assessing and meeting their material needs

  • Providing for their hospital and medical requirements

dcohp-physically-challenged-oneUnder Shekhinah Home of Hope we realize that one is successful only ‘when the pain and needs of others matter to them’: knowing that “we make a living by what we get and we make a life by what we give” – words of wisdom from of the greatest prophets of God of our generation – Prophet TB Joshua. SHOH, as the charity arm of The DiVineyard Church Of His Presence, was founded more than 7 years ago with the aim of spreading the goodwill or our lord Jesus Christ through demonstrable acts of love and compassion. For many years the ministry has been touching multitudes of our fellow destitute members of our society to particular, widows, orphans, elderly, the blind and the physically challenged.

OrphansJesus Christ is the Father to the fatherless. He does not have hands or legs, He does not have eyes, our hands are His hands, our legs are His legs and our eyes are His eyes. We should thus use everything the Lord has blessed us with to change the evil/bad around us, knowing that what we have ever received, what we have now and what we will ever receive, all belongs Jesus Christ. We are all debtors to Christ. Above all else, we ourselves do not belong to ourselves but to our Master, our lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. By living in this truth we know that we ourselves and all we have belong to Jesus Christ and that we can only overcome everything bad around us by doing good.

Children are a heritage from God and therefore constitute the future of our beloved country Zimbabwe and the community we live in. Any community that does not have well informed, enlightened and trained youth is doomed, as it does not have any future. Any youth who remain unproductively employed will direct their energy to destructive activities such as crime and drug abuse amongst other evil. With this realisation Shekhinah Home of Hope under the leadership and direction of our lord Jesus Christ, Orphansseek to empower disadvantaged children, orphaned or otherwise) by providing all their educational, material and spiritual needs, giving them a message of hope. In these children we see the future leaders of this country, we see both political and spiritual leaders, and captains of industry.

SHOH provides for the needs of orphaned children in the form of school and tertiary fees, and food requirements. In seeking to provide for the needs of the orphaned children, SHOH aims to provide the following to the disadvantaged children:-

  • Education (establishment of both primary and secondary schools and providing tertiary scholarships and establishment of a technical department for skills transfer)

  • Uniforms and clothing

  • Spiritual and moral values in a family set-up

  • A home with family love and a sense of belonging

  • Restoration and hope