DiVineyard Church Of His Presence


In The DiVineyard, there are two names, the Divine nature of God, that is who we are and the Vineyard of GOD, that is where THE TRUE VINE and the branches are.

The DCOHP is founded on the principle of LOVE and FORGIVENESS, whose key objective is to transform the world through giving every good thing that the Lord has blessed us with.

In The Vineyard, GOD is The Vine Dresser, JESUS CHRIST is The True Vine and we are the branches, in Him we abide and in Him we bear much fruit. Outside of Jesus Christ we cannot do anything; only in abiding in Him (The True Vine), are we able to bear much fruit – John 15 vs 1-17.

We in The DiVineyard Church Of His Presence (DCOHP) abide in His presence in good and bad times alike, IT IS WELL IN JESUS’ NAME – 2 Kings 4 vs 18-26.

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